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The founder, Mr. Qin Jianshe, has been engaged in the production and sales of bearings in China for about 40 years. He is of the second generation of bearing people in China. With work experience of half a century, he makes the company having maintained cooperation with most of the top bearing companies in China. In China, there are many companies have extremely competitive prices and quality, but are not doing international business.

In 2015, DSYC was established to integrate these top bearing factories, providing traders with one-stop bearing procurement services, and large-scale end users with the most proper spare parts.

DSYC has its own inspection room and can provide customers with comprehensive bearing quality inspection services.

DSYC sells not only bearings, but also a promise.

One-stop solution for trading companies:

  • 1. Does your client have a long purchase list? However, not a single factory can produce all of them, it has to be supplied by many suppliers.
  • 2. Does your customer ask you to purchase a very special bearing, and you could not find a suitable supplier and a suitable quotation?
  • 3. Are you still worried about the inability to reach a balance between price and quality? Asked many suppliers to compare prices, but still unable to make the decision?

Leave it to us to provide you with an overall quotation, unified loading to container, and unified quality inspection for making your business easier~

One-stop solution for large-scale end user:

  • 1. Are you looking for replacement parts for your old equipment?Asked many factories, but rarely got offers?
  • 2. Do you want to customize a bearing for your newly developed equipment, but you are worried about the high price?
  • 3. Are you looking for a proper substitute for high-end and expensive famous brand bearings, and worried if the substitute can meet your need?

Leave it to us to provide you with the most cost-effective bearings, supporting OEM/ODM; and supply alternative bearing solutions of various famous brands~

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