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Structural classification of high temperature bearings


Structural classification of high temperature bearings


1. Conventional bearing structure


This type high temperature bearings are without cage, and the increased number of rolling elements greatly increases the characteristics of heavy load, low speed and long service life. But the disadvantage is that the limit speed of this kind of high temperature bearing is low, generally not more than 100r/min, and the speed will be lower if bearing with a larger inner diameter. The categories that meet the conditions of this type of bearing are: deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, single row cylindrical roller bearings and outer spherical ball bearings.



Due to the influence of clearance and other factors, full complement high temperature bearings can generally reach 70% to 80% of the limit speed of ordinary bearings. These bearings can withstand temperatures within 600°C.



2. Full ceramic or hybrid ceramic bearings


Ceramic bearings with ceramic cages, graphite cages or no cages can generally withstand very high temperatures, and the limit temperature can reach 1200 °C. Hybrid ceramic bearings (steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls) have lower temperature resistance, and can only reach the limit temperature of 600°C if they are matched with steel cages.

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