OEM/ODM service

Aim at distributors, overseas brands

We provide OEM/ODM/industrial packaging services, so as to make you have your own production line without having to build your own factory. The difference between us and general enterprises is that they would only provide one quotation, while we can provide you quotations with different prices and qualities, from P0 to P2, from bearing steel to ceramic stainless steel, so that you can choose a more suitable products according to your client’s working condition and consumption level, to offer a personal special customized service for your client.

At the same time, we can provide you with your own brand packaging design, special customization etc., so that you may promote prominently your own brand.

Special bearing customization

Aim at end customers and equipment manufacturers

We have our own engineering team, they can make CAD drawing according to your project pictures or dimensions; choose the right material according to the working conditions, and finally make the quotation accordingly.

At the same time, we can also provide on-site-measurement service, then make bearing drawing, so as to make alternates for your expensive original part.

Bearing Inspection Service

Aim at traders and clients with a wide variety of bearings

Whether you purchase the bearings from us or not, we can provide you with bearing quality inspection, and provide quality inspection reports to make sure that you do not need to worry about quality of all your bearings. The company has a quality inspection room, which has below test equipment or device

1. Прибор для измерения трилинейных координат
Для проверки внутреннего диаметра, наружного диаметра и высоты подшипника

2. Твердомер
Для проверки твердости подшипника

3. Прибор для измерения круглости
Для проверки круглости каналов внутреннего и наружного диаметра

4. Виброметр
Для проверки уровня шума и вибрации подшипника

5. Прибор для измерения зазора в подшипниках
Для проверки зазора в подшипнике

6. Прибор для измерения биения подшипников
Для проверки радиального и торцевого биения подшипника

Free sample

For all customers

As we all know, most bearings tend to be extra better than actual need, like actual speed is only 30% to 60% of designed one. The extra better performance not only leads to the consumption of resources, but also greatly increases your production costs.

Therefore, that choosing a suitable bearing become first choice for modern enterprises to save costs. We will provide you with bearings of different prices, qualities and cost-performances according to your requirements. You may also apply for our "Free Bearing Samples". If we have the bearings you need in stock, we will provide the free samples in 3 working days after receiving your application. Sometimes, if available, various samples would be provided. We would provide several samples made from a variety of materials. You may test samples of different qualities and choose to purchase the bearing that suits you best .

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