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Angular contact bearing angle differences


Angular contact bearing angle differences


According to the different contact angles, angular contact bearings can normally be divided into 4 types: 15-degree angle, 25-degree angle, 30-degree angle and 40-degree angle.

15-degree angular contact bearings are suitable for high-speed rotation, light load, and high rigidity situations, but their load carrying capacity is low. It can be used in high-speed spindles, grinders and CNC machine tools.

25-degree angular contact bearings are suitable for areas with medium speed and high load carrying capacity, such as heavy machinery equipment, engineering machinery, etc.

30-degree angular contact bearings have good stiffness and load-bearing capacity. They are widely used in some medium and high-speed applications such as machine tool spindles and automobile wheel hubs.

40-degree angular contact bearings are most commonly used in low-speed and high-load applications, such as heavy-duty vehicles and heavy machinery equipment.

Therefore, when selecting angular contact bearings, it is necessary to consider the specific application requirements 

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