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Temperature grade of high temperature bearings


Temperature grade of high temperature bearings

The temperature resistance value of high-temperature bearings is mainly determined by the material of the bearings, and different materials have different high-temperature resistance capabilities.



(1) 0-600℃ high temperature bearing


The general temperature grades are divided into 200℃, 300℃, 400℃, 500℃ and 600℃, and the commonly used temperature grades are 300 and 500. Generally, special high-temperature-resistant steel materials are used.



(2) 600-800℃ high temperature bearing



Such high temperature bearings are generally divided into two types, all steel high temperature bearings and ceramic hybrid high temperature bearings.



(3) High temperature bearings between 800 and 1200 ℃ are generally made of silicon nitride ceramics as raw materials, replacing high temperature environments that are difficult for steel to reach.

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